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UPDATED: Coding Contest: JavaScript Konami Code

Jump to Update from 8/8/2012 Everyone is familiar with the Konami Code – so as I was reading an older article which brought up the Konami Code pranks done by ESPN and Facebook, I thought to myself – what is the smallest amount of JavaScript you need to attach the Konami Code to any site?

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Reducing Fractions

So for my current homework assignment, I had to do some pretty simple fraction reductions, ones that could be done in my head. Then, for some absurd reason I felt the urge to google around and see if i could find something that could reduce fractions FOR me. Of course I found many different tools. […]

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Happy Birthday!

So I’ve been updating the blog quite a lot recently.. but I’ve been quite reluctant to actually add any content. I’ve been adding/upgrading most of the backend stuff – such as no longer running my own SQL Server, but instead using the one provided by UW. In any case, uh, I’ve decided that once a […]

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