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UPDATED: Coding Contest: JavaScript Konami Code

Jump to Update from 8/8/2012 Everyone is familiar with the Konami Code – so as I was reading an older article which brought up the Konami Code pranks done by ESPN and Facebook, I thought to myself – what is the smallest amount of JavaScript you need to attach the Konami Code to any site?

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Cross-Browser Javascript String Functions: substr, substring, or splice?

Recently I had to do some relatively simple string manipulations. I’ve always been taught to use the .substring method in all the languages I’ve ever used. Javascript actually offers several different approaches. So while I did not have to do anything computationally intensive, I was curious as to which of the following methods actually performed […]

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Site is finally up.

Update: I have migrated a couple of the pages over, and have decided that the rest of the content does not need to be migrated. Hello everyone. I finally did it – bought my own domain. ┬áIn the migration process, I seem to have slightly messed up my old database files, so it will be […]

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Reducing Fractions

So for my current homework assignment, I had to do some pretty simple fraction reductions, ones that could be done in my head. Then, for some absurd reason I felt the urge to google around and see if i could find something that could reduce fractions FOR me. Of course I found many different tools. […]

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Happy Birthday!

So I’ve been updating the blog quite a lot recently.. but I’ve been quite reluctant to actually add any content. I’ve been adding/upgrading most of the backend stuff – such as no longer running my own SQL Server, but instead using the one provided by UW. In any case, uh, I’ve decided that once a […]

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